Kanzo wo Ubawareta Tsuma (2024)


Yuka, who lost her father when she was young and was raised by her mother alone, receives all of her mother’s love and grows up to be a devoted, energetic, and kind child. Yuka’s dream is to build a happy family. Yuka is attracted to Nakamura Kosei, who grew up in similar circumstances to her and is devoted to his family, and begins dating him.

Director: Nakamae Yuji [中前勇児] and Ninomiya Takashi [二宮崇]

Also known as: 肝臓を奪われた妻 かんぞうをうばわれたつま Kanzou wo Ubawareta Tsuma The Wife Whose Liver Was Taken Away


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , ,

Kanzo wo Ubawareta Tsuma (2024) full episodes

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