Dare to Love Me (2024)


Shin Yoon Bok, a disciplined scholar from Seongsan Village, South Korea, is entrusted with the important task of preserving the heritage of the Joseon Dynasty and recovering valuable cultural artifacts for his family. While he holds deep respect for the wisdom of his elders and diligently follows their guidance as a prominent Confucian scholar of his era, he also possesses the progressive mindset of a modern-day youth, occasionally displaying a streak of rebellion. Despite his courteous demeanor, he struggles with forming emotional connections with others and tends to maintain a certain level of distance.

Director: Jang Yang Ho [장양호]

Also known as: 함부로 대해줘 Hamburo Daehaejwo Treat Me Rudely Treat Me Carefully Treat Me Carelessly Treat Me Badly Относись ко мне небрежно


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,

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