Blank Season 2 (2024)


Nueng asked Anueng to act like nothing happened between them the night before. The former added that the latter is just something that makes her forget about the bad things. After Anueng left crying, Nueng, too, broke down in tears. Blank follows the story of Khun Nueng, aka M.L. Sipakorn, who couldn’t be herself and never found anyone who was right for her. Not only that, but she has constantly faced pressure from her grandmother. Things take a turn when Anueng enters Nueng’s life. The bright and cheerful young girl makes Nueng’s heart flutter like never before. However, their journey to love is packed with hurdles because of the sixteen-year age difference.

Also known as: Blank the Series Season 2


Status: Ongoing

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Blank Season 2 (2024) full episodes

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