Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024)


Park Do Ra is a bright, brave woman with a challenging personality who became a top actress because her mother, Baek Mi Ja, said it was the only way to escape poverty. After earning fame and fortune as a top star, all Do Ra wants to do is rest and enjoy her riches, but her mother keeps causing trouble. Mi Ja always adorns herself in luxury, even more than any top star, thanks to Do Ra’s success. However, Mi Ja wants more. Do Ra can’t handle her tight schedule due to Mi Ja’s desires and wants to quit her new drama “Straightforward Romance,” but she can’t because she met her first love, Go Pil Sung, the assistant director.

Director: Hong Seok Goo [홍석구]

Also known as: 미녀와 순정남 美女與純情男 Minyeowa Sunjeongnam Beauty And The Pure Guy Beauty and the Devoted The Beautiful Woman and the Innocent Man The Beautiful Woman & the Innocent Man The Beautiful Woman and the Pure Love Man The Beautiful Woman & the Pure Love Man Beauty & the Devoted Красота и преданность الحسناء والمخلص


Status: Completed

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